• Ryan Cummins

What A Great Opening Weekend.

After just a few days being LIVE on Kickstarter, Rumble Kings #3 is 58% funded. We're chugging along. I have no doubts that we will fund. We have the best fans in indie comics. I truly believe that. Our goal now is spreading the word and growing our audience so even more people can experience the action-adventures of our favorite loveable losers.

If you're a Rumble Kings fan then chances are people you know will be too. Please share Rumble Kings with your friends and family and point them to the Kickstarter as well. The more we fund the more we can produce. We have some great stretch goals lined up for you all but any amount we overfund goes right into future Rumble Kings issues.

That being said I'd like to share with you this new Rumble Kings pinup by Miguel Angel Ruiz and DC Alonso. You can get it now by backing any Rumble Kings physical reward tier and simply adding it to your order.

You all ROCK! Talk soon.


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