• Ryan Cummins

The Skeletal Press Newsletter #2.

Hey all, the Skeletal Press Newsletter for this week is out to all email subscribers. You don't want to miss out on the fun do you? Of course you don't. Sign up here to get on the list before next week's newsletter drops. It will be the last newsletter before HEAVY #1 launches on Kickstarter so it will be a pretty HEAVY #1 heavy show. ( haha )

We'll have an exclusive preview of HEAVY #1 as well as an interview from HEAVY artist Vincenzo Riccardi. If we can pull him out of Kickstarter fulfillment, President of Evoluzione Publishing Marcel Dupree will have some words for us and we'll break down how you can support this project on Kickstarter.

Also, expect a Rumble Kings #2 update, news on the launch of the Skeletal Press Patreon as well as a big announcement regarding moving forward. See you all next week.


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