• Ryan Cummins

Rumble Kings #3 proof copy has arrived!

That's right, the proof for the physical copies of Rumble Kings #3 just came in and it looks great! I signed off on production and Comix Well Sping is getting to work. You can check out the quality below.

Rumble Kings issues are made pretty sturdy to hold up to multiple readings. This is definitely an issue you're going to read more than once.

This issue is special for me because I finally feel like Rumble Kings has hit its stride as a series and the team we have on board now is just crushing it. We've been able to capture the essence of what makes this series so special and set it up for the remaining six issues as well. Issue #3 brings the first story arc to a close. We will take a small break while we put together the trade and push our newest comic property FEVER, which you can check out now here:

Also, for anyone who supported the Rumble Kings #3 Kickstarter campaign, make sure you check your email or the RK3 Kickstarter Updates Page to get your digital copy of Rumble Kings #3. Until next time.


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