• Ryan Cummins

Rumble Kings #3 Kickstarter Launch Date!

The time is upon us! The Kickstarter campaign for Rumble Kings #3 goes LIVE on October 1st, 2020!!! Rumble Kings #3 closes out the first story arc for our heroes and what an explosive end it is. 

Make sure you sign up to be notified on launch day to get your MULTIPLE Day One Backer Rewards! That's right, this time around ALL Day One Backers will receive MULTIPLE backer rewards.


Written & Created by Ryan Cummins

Art by Alexander Malyshev

Color by DC Alonso

Letters by Toben Racicot

Edited by Greg A. Elysée

RUMBLE KINGS #3 will launch on Kickstarter this October 1st. See you then!.

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