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It seems like all I do is announce new projects. Ha Ha. Well, I have a few projects tied up in contract discussions so any plans I had for promo and release are on hold until we nail down where these comic projects will land.

That said, I do have time to stretch my wings and work on some other exciting projects. One that I am very thrilled about is BIG JACK. A 3 issue mini-series about one man's fight for survival and revenge in the post-apocalyptic wilderness.

I've partnered with author Peter Welmerink to bring his short story series BIG JACK to the comics world and boy is it a wild ride. I'll let Peter tell you in his own words a little bit about BIG JACK.

"Welcome to West Michigan 2085. Bounty hunter, husband, and father: Jack Galloway finds he and his family in the crosshairs of Darby “The Bear” Thompson after Jack is accused of the death of Thompson’s younger brother. Leading a nomadic tribe of ne’er-do-wells called THE CONGREGATION, The Bear destroys Jack’s home, accosts his wheelchair-bound wife and kidnaps his children, hellbent on serving the finite deadly justice Jack supposedly served to Darby’s brother. Though Jack, the hunter, becomes the hunted, this towering man is well-versed when it comes to warring and warfare. And with his signature axe and sledge, he will carve a path of destruction and death to reclaim his family and see that Thompson and the Congregation no more threaten the West Michigan area. However, Mother Nature has also a quarrel with Humankind, and the ferocious fauna of the region are resolute in chewing Humanity to extinction. When trouble arises; Big Jack, he always has your back."

More news and release information coming soon.

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