• Ryan Cummins

HEAVY #1 Kickstarter CANCELLED.

As I'm sure you may have seen by now, the Kickstarter for my cyberpunk revenge comic HEAVY has been suspended. I am not privy to all of the details surrounding this but I will tell you that I am very disheartened. HEAVY marked my first work-for-hire project for Evoluzione Publishing and I was very excited to sign on to create a new series that would stand against other great comics from them I enjoy. I am actually friends with a couple of creators who work on books for Evoluzione so the chance to be able to play in that same sandbox was great.

I'm not sure what the current status of HEAVY is but I am hoping a resolution can be found quickly and we can proceed with the series. HEAVY artist Vincenzo Riccardi and I have created a world we love dearly and stepping away from the series for good is not something we wish to do. Again, while Vincenzo and I are the creative force behind HEAVY, we do not own the series or run the Kickstarter campaign for it. All business dealings are completely out of our hands. A lot of you are messaging me asking what's going on and at this moment I apologize for not having answers for you. Hopefully, we will have this all cleared up soon.

As soon as I have any new details I will of course share them with you all.


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