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FEVER Volume One Launch Information

Hello everyone, the countdown is on! FEVER Volume One launches on Kickstarter on Tuesday, April 27th at NOON est. You want to make sure you sign up for the Launch Day Notification so you don’t miss out on EXCLUSIVE Day One rewards. EVERYONE who backs at a PHYSICAL REWARD level will receive EXCLUSIVE rewards that everyone else who pledges after that first day WILL NOT receive. Sign up here: I am very excited to get this project out to you all. It is by far the best thing I’ve created so far and Riccardo is doing the best work of his young career. He is not only penciling and inking but FEVER also marks his first time fully coloring a comic book. Riccardo just sent me the layout for the final page of Chapter One and boy is it a doozy. FEVER Volume One consists of 5 - 22 page chapters all collected in a single softcover trade paperback. Or a Kickstarter Exclusive hardcover is ya nasty. ;) I spent much of this morning actually laying out Volume Two and Volume Three before I dive back into scripting the last chapter of Volume One and I have to tell you that what Riccardo and I have planned for this series just gets crazier and crazier. This is a concise story with a planned beginning, middle, and ending. It is probably the most gorgeously violent book I’ve seen in a while. In fact, I have to keep reminding Riccardo not to hold back so much when he lays out a new page.

We are really going to push this first book to the moon and beyond. What we have planned for the follow-up has Riccardo drooling from the mouth. Haha. Marcus Shaw’s story is told over 3 complete volumes and just gets bigger and bigger as we go. But first, we need to make sure everyone possible gets their eyes on the Kickstarter campaign for Volume One. The more successful we are with FEVER Volume One the better it is for the rest of the story. Not only will we be able to invest more into this first volume but we can set up the success of Volumes Two and Three. FEVER is by far my biggest and most ambitious comic series so far. Not just in terms of storytelling but the standard of quality of the project and the promotion for it. FEVER is the next step in my climb up the comics industry ladder and believe me when I tell you that what I have in store upon its success is BIG! If you’ve never backed a Kickstarter campaign before or you know someone who hasn’t but would like what we have to offer at Skeletal Press, we’ve made this handy little guide for you. Save it and share it around with the Kickstarter link for FEVER


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